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A fake one. But it perfectly suits what I bring to the table (and sometimes, the bed). I'm a sex-, kink-, and body-positive voice actress focused on creating immersive, sensual audio roleplay experiences for my listeners.


Some of my work is very sweet, and some is very spicy. I write, record, edit, and produce all my own work - and occasionally I also get to frolic in the filthy minds of others.

I'm your internet audio side piece, here to fulfill your fantasies.

Audi O'Harlot? What kind of name is that?

Recording Setup

Shure SM7B Mic
Solid State Logic SSL2+ interface
Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones
Kaotica Eyeball mic isolation
3Dio XLR binaural mic

Izotope RX 9 Standard
Epidemic Sound