Commission Status: CLOSED until July!

custom audios - pricing

$5/finished minute

$7/finished minute

$10 deposit

$10 privacy

 | you have written a script/have permission from writer

 | you need me to write/improv a script for you

 | to hold your place in my queue (non-refundable)

 | I'll never publish or sell your audio anywhere

accepted payments


Custom pledge

Tip me


 | please refer to your audio as "custom voice work"

 | choose a patreon tier and add your custom price on top

 | send me your payment via Fansly

 | I'll deliver your audio via their platform

the red list - won't do

I will not accept commissions with the following content:

Piss drinking
Real people/celebrities (fictional is ok)
Bestiality (fictional creatures are ok)

the green list - will do

I will accept commissions with the following content:

Rape fantasies/CNC
BBC (in some scenarios)
Sadism, masochism, degradation
Some violence

If you're into something you don't see here, reach out! I'm kink and fetish friendly - no judgment here.

disclaimers & information

You MUST be 18+ to commission me. No exceptions.
Audios are for entertainment purposes only.
I do not necessarily condone the acts portrayed in my audios.
All characters portrayed are 18+.

Upon receipt of the deposit, your audio will be delivered in 4 weeks.
I reserve the right to refuse/refund commissions.

If your audio will be used commercially, there is an extra charge.
Patrons get a discount, message me for info.