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For The Sake Of My Sanity [Update]

TL;DR - I'm looking for scripts to fill so I can take a break from writing so much of my own content. If you have finished scripts you'd like filled, contact me!

This needs to be said, for the sake of my sanity.

I love what I do. Seriously, this is the best job in the universe and I have so much fun creating audios and scenarios and sharing them with you. I've been a daydreamer with a big imagination all my life and getting to pour all of that into my work is the most incredible feeling.

But I need you to also understand the amount of work that goes into it. Every month I write, record, and edit 7 exclusive Patreon audios, 4 early access Patreon audios, and 4 SFW YouTube audios. I do all of this writing myself, and every one of those audios runs approximately 10 to 25 minutes long (some YouTube ones are shorter, but not by much). Each audio takes around 2 hours to make, and the scripts can take anywhere from a couple hours to several days.

I create all my own thumbnails and schedule all of my own posts, which includes uploading files, writing the posts, sourcing the sound effects and artwork I use, and promoting my work. All of this takes time and energy. On top of my own content, I also lend my voice to other people's projects.

And I love doing it. It's an absolute joy getting to combine so many of my interests into my livelihood, and above all, getting to connect with listeners. That's why I started livestreaming again - you really can't beat that kind of instant connection. It's helped me blow off steam and relax with my community.

I'm writing this post because I want you to know that if you message me on any of my platforms and don't get a response, it's not because I'm trying to be mean or hurt your feelings. I read everything but I often don't have the energy or time to write a reply. It isn't personal, I promise.

I'm trying to maintain a sustainable workload because, like everyone else who has any kind of job, I also need to take care of my non-work life. Boring things like laundry and cleaning my apartment and doctor's appointments. The key to my success so far has been multitasking - you can do a lot of planning and writing while you're waiting for your clothes to dry or your bread to rise. Sometimes it feels like I spend every waking moment brainstorming new audio ideas, working on scripts, or recording and editing.

Which brings me to the crucial part of this post. I'm letting go of the reins a little bit. I'm going back to script fills for free content to take off some of the pressure I've put on myself. I want to help showcase some talented writers whose work I enjoy. I want to help support the writing community and share whatever spotlight I have.

So if you happen to have a script you'd like me to fill, let me know. I don't care if it's your first script or your 500th, I'm looking for new perspectives and new characters I can play. At the moment I don't have enough time to actually collaborate with writers on scripts but I'm happy to take a look at finished scripts and consider them. I'm especially interested in SFW content for YouTube right now but NSFW scripts are great too.

Don't be offended if you send your script and I don't reply - this goes back to not having the time or social battery to reply to everyone, but obviously you will be contacted if I'd like to fill your script. I also cannot give script feedback or critiques at this time, I'm looking for recording-ready work. If I fill your work, you will be properly credited and compensated for anything placed behind a paywall or monetized.

The culture of content creation can lead to burnout so quickly and I think one of the best ways to avoid it is to have regular check ins with yourself - the same can be said for any type of work, really. I like to feel like I've earned my money so I love working hard and trying new things, but it's time for me to ease up on myself a little.

Thank you for listening, reading, showing up, and supporting me. You folks are the best people on the entire internet and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Xoxo Audi


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